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Warface is Coming to Consoles This Year is proud to announce that their modern military shooter Warface will be playable for free on consoles later this year. Warface offers a host of competitive game modes where players vie for dominance and rank but also has cooperative and narrative-driven raid missions to go along with that. In those, players enlist with the Warface military faction and join up with four friends to take down the Blackwood enemy forces. Whether you play as the Rifleman, Sniper, Medic or Engineer, accurately detailed weapons go along with that as players work in missions around the globe. It will be entering Closed Beta this summer and has plans for free updates after the official release. The current plan is to have Warface on Playstation 4 in August 2018 and Xbox One in September 2018. Whether you want to play Battle Royale, Plant the Bomb, Storm or Destruction, there’s something for everyone.

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