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War Thunder Update 1.89 – Imperial Navy

War Thunder has a new update, 1.89 – Imperial Navy. With it comes new naval vessels, ground vehicles, aircraft, and helicopters. There are two new locations as well, updated clouds, and a host of other fixes and updates. The Japanese Navy lineup will feature 25 different ships, from escorts like the T1 torpedo boat to the powerful heavy cruiser Furutaka. The update also includes two new playable ships for all other nations, 10 tanks, 13 aircraft and one new helicopter in total. The full details can be found in the patch below.

One guest that reaches War Thunder from the shores of Japan is the  AH-1S, the first helicopter of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces available in War Thunder. Just as in real life, it also sports its Anime-style camouflage depicting the character “Wakana Kisarazu*”, one of the four cute fictional girls who in 2012 became symbols of the JSDF’s Camp Kisarazu. Combat helicopters decorated with pictures of those characters created a huge buzz among media and military fans. They are also featured in the Japanese social game called “Rick G Earth” and have inspired a series of plastic models. Now, thanks to an agreement between Gaijin Entertainment and Zoo Corporation, all War Thunder players can use the official Wakana Kisarazu camouflage as well as the female pilot modeled after this character in-game.

Fans of modern armored vehicles will receive access to the French Leclerc S1, the first variant of France’s current main battle which is still in service both in France as well as the United Arab Emirates. Fast and well-protected, the Leclerc S1 will offer serious competition to vehicles like the M1A1 Abrams, Soviet T-80U or similar. Another option is the new Japanese Type 16 MCV, a wheeled tank destroyer of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force that entered service only a year ago, while the fast British jet fighter Hunter F.6 with experimental SRAAM rockets will surely receive a warm welcome by pilots that prefer to fight aggressively. Fans of aviation history will also be able to lay their hands on the unique Messerschmitt Me 264, a prototype German strategic bomber developed as part of the “Amerikabomberprogramm” (“America Bomber” project), which was designed to attack land targets within the United States of America by crossing the Atlantic ocean.

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