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Deloria Online Leaving Closed Alpha plus Halloween Event

Deloria Online News - Halloween - Main Image

As of 2016, Deloria Online came back after a few years of downtime, to be recoded from the ground up. The 2D MMORPG is back and is ready to end its Closed Alpha state. It’s leaving this stage with a Halloween event starting at the end of this week. The invitation to play in this event is open to anyone who signs up on the forums. It will be a fresh database, so new characters will be made. One important note is that all players who reach level 15 (20 is the cap) during this event will have their account (not the characters themselves) carried to the Open Alpha server at the end of this year. These accounts will receive a unique cape and an elixir of increased experience, and these will be given to all players during the Closed Alpha Spooktacular! A link to their forum is below.

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