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The Aurora World – First Look

The Aurora World – First Look

Dive into a fantasy-driven RPG with interesting elements and a thrilling companion system that is sure to please gamers who love monsters and battle pets, We’re talking about The Aurora World!

Featuring eight professions, PvE quests, crafting, events, and a unique hybrid pet/mount system based on creatures called Majinns, The Aurora World builds a world of political intrigue and intense PvP combat with tons of features designed to keep players of all preferences entertained. With coliseums, clan wars, and constant nation wars with up to 300 players fighting it out for rare relics and nation buffs, there’s sure to be strife and stories to tell as this game enters into full release.

Like most of our First Looks, we’ll be creating a character from scratch and explore Foggy Isle, a mysterious rainforest filled with little tree demons who are wreaking havoc everywhere. We’ll also be checking out two level 50 characters and have a blast with a ton of different majinns available to us. From cute little rabbits to epic blue dragons, this game has a friendly companion for everyone. Sit back, chillax and enjoy the video.

Want to try the game out for yourself? Try to snag a Closed Beta key at the giveaway section while they last!

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