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TERA’s Official Open Beta Begins Soon

Console players have been clamoring for an MMO with hard-hitting, real-time combat action and En Masse has them covered. TERA is on the way to PS4 and Xbox One consoles, ready to deliver true-action combat and optimized game controls to both platforms. Streamlined interfaces, intelligent button mapping, and new gameplay systems specifically for console to pair with TERA’s fast-paced combos, dodging and targeting mechanics are on the way. The official Open Beta will begin later this week, starting March 9th at 6 am PST. The game comes fully intact to console, with  the combat and action players are familiar with, and the rush that comes with killing BAMS (Big Ass Monsters) will no doubt be satiated in TERA.

New features awaiting players include:

  • Lock-On System: An all-new Lock-On System keeps the enemies in sight and the action centered on-screen.
  • Classy Controls: Each character class has its own unique default control scheme. Don’t like the default control layout for your class? No problem! The controls can be completely remapped to tailor any type of preferred layout.
  • Combat Effective UI: The game’s user interface has also been redesigned with a new, fully-customizable Radial Menu for quick and intuitive access weapons and items.
  • Streaming Features: Players can easily broadcast TERA instantly to the community via Twitch, and Mixer with integrated streaming support.
  • Communication is Key: Players can communicate directly with fellow party members via native voice chat support or they can opt out of chat if they prefer at any time.
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