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Star Trek Online: Legacy Launches on Console

Star Trek Online: Legacy is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This update pays tribute to classic episodes of Star Trek, all the way back to the original series.

Legacy features two new episodes starring Seven of Nine (voiced by Jeri Ryan) from Star Trek: Voyager and the new Star Trek: Picard series on CBS All Access, as well as Michael Burnham (voiced by Sonequa Martin-Green) from Star Trek: Discovery. By participating in these episodes and other special anniversary events, Captains can earn credits toward the T6 Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser and in the coming weeks, discover a brand new space TFO.

In the coming weeks, Star Trek Online will also release “To Hell With Honor,” a brand new 5-player space TFO set on the surface of the moon, where J’Ula and her Klingon forces are building a new shipyard for her fleet. Players will need to work together to destroy this base before enemy forces take them down with Mycelial weaponry.

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