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Star Trek Online Jumps to Reality with 3D-Printed Starships from Mixed Dimensions

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios recently announced that 3D starship printing is now available for Star Trek Online. They partnered with San Francisco-based reality company, Mixed Dimensions, and with that, players can now log into the PC version of the game to order a custom 3D-printed model of their favorite in-game starships. Handcrafted from resin, these collectibles can be delivered almost anywhere in the world, and base pricing will begin at 200 dollars, depending on the size and customization options. After customizing their ships in the PC version of Star Trek Online, players will discover an option to upload their ship design directly to the GamePrint website. From there, they will be able to select from three different purchase options:

Collectible Version
– Base Price: $350
– Captains can commission one of the company’s master artists to hand-paint a premium,
a full-colored resin model of their starship, which includes detailed shading. Exceptional
artistry and focus is placed on each individual ship.

Single Color Version
– Base Price: $225
– Players can order a 3D-printed model of their starship, painted in either gold, silver,
bronze or black. The model is polished, finished and ready for display.

Primer Version
– Base price: $200
– Model painters and hobbyists can order a primed model of their favorite starship, coated
in a base layer of primer and ready to be painted.

*Please note that costs for all three options may vary according to ship size and customizations. All
starships will be delivered in customized packaging and include an exclusive Star Trek Online-branded
display stand.

These starships are individually crafted and hand-painted, so they will be made in batches of 100 units at a time. When an order is placed, they will be notified of the estimated time it will take to create and deliver their starship. In addition, captains will also receive photo updates of their ships in real time, notifying them when their collectibles have been printed and painted. Certain starships will be unavailable for this program. For a full list of ships excluded from 3D printing, see the link below. For people who do not have access to the PC version of Star Trek Online, Mixed Dimensions will be offering completed models, replicating 20 of the game’s most popular starships, and will be available soon.

To celebrate the launch of Star Trek Online’s starship collectibles, Mixed Dimensions will offer
introductory pricing for a limited time. Please visit their website for additional details.

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