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Spycursion Begins Kickstarter For The Upcoming Hacking MMO Today

Spycursion is a Hacking/Espionage Edutainment MMO that is presently in the works by (defun games ()). The Kickstarter will begin today at 4 pm PST, and hopes to teach players about software and cybersecurity. The MMO itself is built around espionage and hacking and is a living world with a player-driven economy.  Spycursion will also have realistic hacking using a fictional programming language, known as “Slang”.  Spycursion’s world is a near-future which has been overrun by cyber-warfare, and it’s up to you to carve your own path in this strange but familiar world. Interested parties can donate to their Kickstarter below, which goes live later today.

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