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Sparklite Teases New Gameplay During Gamescom 2019

Nintendo highlighted Sparklite during their Gamescom 2019 presentation, and though that was just a brief preview, we have more information on Ada, the hero of Sparklite. Ada will always be able to upgrade her arsenal, thanks to Sparkmaster Rizzle’s “Workshop of Wonders”. She can harness the power of the “Boom Balloon” to dispatch enemies remotely, and also use the “Spark Slinger” to fire quick bursts of energy. She’ll need them, for boss fights including the Lumbering Titan, Timbert (and his treacherous gremlins). Ada can also take things up a notch, and use the Spark Blitzer. This lets her harness Sparklite power to discharge an intense spike of energy.

As well as Ada’s array of high-powered weaponry, she also has a wealth of gadgets at her disposal. From her companion, Wingnut’s enhancing “Flare Bang”, to Ada’s own handy Multi-Tool Wrench, Sparklite has enough tools in its box for any budding explorer come release day! These are but a handful of the weapons and tools Ada will utilize when taking on the perilous foes Professor Corwin touched on in detail in last month’s Bestiary of Brutal Baddies.

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