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Spacelords’ Latest Character, Sööma Is Now Available

Sööma is the latest character to join the cast of Spacelords and is based on actress/model/singer Stefanie Joosten. The Dutch actress lent her voice and likeness to Spacelords to bring this character to life. Sööma is a part of an ancient, secretive Martial Cult (Algia Creed), and has come to the Broken Planet. She comes to bring the word of their deity, the Great Red Worm Fehb to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. After joining the Umbra Wardogs faction, Sööma soon grew disenchanted by the greed and ruthlessness that fueled the Human colonization of the Broken Planet and decided to seek out and join the resistance: the infamous Raiders.

“It was a fascinating endeavor working on a character like Sööma,” commented Stefanie Joosten. “When MercurySteam approached me with the idea of working on a new Raider for Spacelords, Sööma was just a piece of concept art, and developing that concept into a full character, with her own unique personality and ethos, is a very rewarding experience indeed”.

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