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Space Engineers Performing a Major Overhaul of Multiplayer

It’s been about six months, another major update is coming to Space Engineers, focused on the Multiplayer experience. The more technical parts of this can be found in a link below, but it was not possible to do this in weekly increments. The reason for this is that major parts of the engine had to be rebuilt and experimentation involved, for example – changing the prediction protocol on client-server and observing if it’s better for user experience or worse. Space Engineers has many systems and special care had to be taken for each of them: player character, jetpack, ship, wheeled vehicles, voxels and planets, fast-moving objects, deformable entities, antennas, the player standing on a moving grid, colliding grids, rotors, pistons, and more.

Another important feature is that the female engineer was added as a result of community feedback, and was built from scratch with new animations and movements. She can also be customized with all of the skins available for the male engineer.  The update also brought with it new features, such as safe-zones, reworked warnings, a new player respawn system, and a brand new experimental mode. There were also performance optimizations for all blocks to reduce system usage, and dedicated server management, and that’s just a part of it.  The full patch notes can be found here.

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