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Elsword Insider Vol. 4 Highlights Massive Updates to the Game

KOG brought some attention to several huge quality-of-life changes to Elsword, and Elsword Insider is here to do just that. The update went live last week, and with it came a lot of skill changes to make Elsword more convenient to players both old and new. To that end, Skill Slot Be and Quick slot expansion is now free, and an ED Shop has been added to the Item Mall so players can exchange ED for new items, like costumes, pets, and consumables. The Share Bank will also now store ED, so it can be used between characters. Another major convenience change is that changes to fields/stage areas have been added. Quests relating to the fields have either been removed or had Item/EXP rewards updated as Elder Town and Ruben Town are now directly connected via portal. Starting at Level 5, players can skip quests, receiving the item rewards and 50% EXP, making leveling alts faster than before.

The Average Item Level has also been replaced by Combat/Defense Power, and all instances where Item Level is required or mentioned, it will be changed to Combat Power. A detailed stat page has been adding showing Combat Stats, Defensive Stats and Additional Effects for your characters. Many beginner equipment will be changed and old equipment will be given an (Old) tag. Speaking of gear, you can also take your endgame weapons to that next level, by collecting Mystic Stones from Varnimyr Dungeons and use the new Mystic Enchant System to make end-game gear stronger. Using mystic enchant on certain weapons costs 200,000 ED and will increase their strength. Finally, secret dungeons, heroic, Elrianode City and El Tower Defense areas can be entered once for free daily. This will let players save their tickets/permits for later runs, and Secret Dungeons will have their own tab which opens when players hit level 70. Further details can be found in the link below.

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