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SMITE Domination Preview Dual Commentary

SMITE Domination Preview Dual Commentary

JamesBl0nde and BakermanBrad as Artemis and Anhur play a match of SMITE”s newest, unreleased, and awesome gamemode called Domination with some of the developers from Hi-Rez Studios. Domination is a 3 point capture mode that takes place on a new Egyptian style map with three lanes similar to conquest. In the middle of each lane there is a sand guardian that must be destroyed to gain control of that point. Once either team has capture at least two of the three points, the opposing team begins to lose tickets (points). Killing Gods or minions have no effect on the score, however, it makes it pretty hard to capture a point if you’re dead.  There are buff camps but they really didn’t come into play much in this game mode just yet.

The match we played was nothing short of epic and these are just a few of the highlights, you can check out the entire match from the spectator mode with commentary from Hi-RezBart here: We start playing @ 1:52:00

As of right now there is no official release date for this game mode but if you hang out here at you’ll be sure to know as soon as we do.

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