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Astro Empires Announces Major New Update, Astro Empires v1.5

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The space strategy browser game Astro Empires is preparing the largest update in its history.  Recently Cybertopia, the company behind Astro Empires, released full details of the upcoming new features and changes.

The update brings a fresh interface, better tutorial, lots of new media graphics, a new ingame technology, improvements to the game interactive map and several tweaks on the game mechanics.

Astro Empires

“The changes are definitely the largest since Astro Empires was launched and the player’s initial feedback has been very positive. We hope they will enjoy the final product as much as we did developing it.” – Colin Palin, Community Manager at Astro Empires.

Astro Empires v1.5 updates are due to be released in October.

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  • shameless dataminers

    lol why is this even newsworthy. this game sucks so bad its not even funny