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Azur Lane Begins Their Open Beta in America and Canada

Following a successful Closed Beta test, the 2D nautical-girl side-scroller is coming to the West with an Open Beta. Azur Lane had over 50,000 pre-registrations and Yostar sent 4,000 limited invitations to the CBT itself. The side-scroller features an interactive combat system that combines strategy with 2D shooter games where players control a flotilla of ships, represented by cute battleship girls. The force is divided into two parts: The Vanguard Fleet and the Main Fleet.

The Vanguard is responsible for striking/clearing operations. Destroyers, Light Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers can be in the Vanguard, with each ship offering its own strengths and weaknesses. The Main Fleet is protected by the Vanguard and must focus on fire support and dealing damage to enemy ships. Players must fill their Main Fleet with a strategically selected mix of Battleships, Carriers, and Repairs. The player can set their favorite battleship girl as Secretary, which will increase intimacy and improve integration. Players can also buy furniture to decorate the girls’ Dormitory, which helps them gain EXP while resting and can even expand the Dormitory to add more decorations if they run out of room.

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