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Skyforge’s Overgrowth Expansion Heads to All Platforms Today

The Grovewalker class is officially here in Skyforge, as the Overgrowth expansion goes live on all platforms. A hybrid class, capable of being powerful mages in addition to tanks, the caster wields a legendary staff to protect their allies and drain the health from their opponents. When push comes to shove, the Grovewalker can activate “Living Armor” and become a massive, hulking figure that will pound even the toughest enemies into submission. In addition to this, Skyforge will also have a new difficulty level (Nightmare) for adventures, letting players rediscover Skyforge’s game world. The new Challenge system was also implemented, where players will earn points for completing tasks in-game, including some platform-specific tasks.¬†Players can show off their progression with special titles and compare challenge points with friends

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