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Blade & Soul Launches Wings of the Raven End-Game Update


NCSoft is proud to release a new end-game focused update for action martial arts MMORPG, Blade & Soul! Wings of the Raven offers two brand new 24-player dungeons, a new Legendary upgrade path and a new generation of legendary accessories. Along with this is a long needed ranking system for 6v6 clan battles!

The influence of the Raven King has corrupted the lands of Naryu, and you’ve got two intense 24 player raid instances standing in your way if you wish to stop him! Your traitor of a former clan member awaits atop the Naryu Fortress Spire, guarded by various floor bosses to test if you are worthy of gaining vengeance. In the second battle, the Great Drake guarding the Naryu Paradise has fallen to the corruption of the Raven King. Now transformed into the dark dragon, Meganura!

Finally Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley now feature 6v6 Clan ranked battles to test the true might of your clan! Rest assured, regular season rewards await for those who can stand atop their fallen foes.

Learn more at the official site with the link below.

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