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Shroud of the Avatar – Release 55 is Live

Release 55 for Shroud of the Avatar is here and has a lot of really solid updates that come alongside it. In celebration of Lord British’s birthday on July 4th, players will be able to earn double their normal experience each weekend until the end of July. The User Interface has been polished and improved, and a wealth of new enemies have made their presence known in New Britannia. Light and Dark Unicorns, Ebon Dawn Cultists, Swamp Reapers, and Atavists of Purity are here now, along with two adventure locations have been rebuilt (East Vauban Foothills and Norgard Fens). Other areas have also seen some improvements. Brewing is also now in the game! Whether you want to make wine, beer or whiskey, that is now an option.  At the suggestion of the community, players who have completed the main storyline in Shroud of the Avatar will be rewarded with a free row lot deed. This non-tradable land is meant to celebrate a significant achievement, and as such is a retroactive reward, given to all players who have successfully completed the three main Avatar paths. The full patch notes can be found below.

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