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Conqueror’s Blade Opens Their Gates For a Free Weekend and Booming are prepared to open wide the gates of Conqueror’s Blade this weekend (Dec. 15-16th). This will be the first free weekend of Conqueror’s Blade and anyone with aspirations of being a Warlord can participate by simply clicking the link below. Booming will be adding new maps and units to this test as well, to the existing siege build to add some variety to the testing phase. In the “Siege Test: Winter Mayhem” phase, players can create their characters, select one of the medievally inspired weapon specializations, and learn the art of siege warfare. New players will receive a king’s ransom in silver to equip themselves and their fresh troops, before diving into the action-heavy multiplayer. The 15 vs. 15 castle assault scenarios will have one team storming the castle while the other barrages them with all fire and fury.

The dates for “Siege Test: Winter Mayhem” are:

  • December 15-16 – Open Gates Weekend
  • December 17-19 – Closed Siege Test

The following link will have exact opening times of the servers, information about rewards for participation and information on the founder’s packs.

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