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Ship of Heroes Reveal Day and Night Cycle in New Video

Ship of Heroes‘ latest video shows off the upgrades to their major hub, Apotheosis City.  In particular, this shows off the day-to-night cycle, and the devs have sped up this period for the video from three hours to a handful of minutes. They show off the signature hero Meltdown, as he races through the city, from day to night, to show off how the city changes throughout the day. From the civilians, NPCs, cars on the road, and a train in the distance, Apotheosis City is coming to life.

One of the key philosophies that the SoH devs like to talk about is that they created their game by building a core, and then integrating new pieces as they develop.  So adding day/night, moving trains, etc., to the recent improvements of NPC civilians and cars is a sign of steady progress. One of the interesting facets of the development of this game is that this is the 23rd video the dev team has produced, and while Apotheosis City noticeably more complex, more polished and more complete than in the first video from January of 2017, it is also clearly the same city.  Ship of Heroes held a successful Alpha test of the character creator in September and a combat Alpha in March of 2018. The next steps are a login test for at least 50 supporters and devs, followed by the raid test.

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