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Ship of Heroes: New Character Creator Demo

Today Ship of Heroes reveals their 14th demo! The purpose is to show off more of the Character Creator and building the Ambassador. The focus is primary/secondary power selection process and there is a wide range of available powers (some are animation ready now, others will be towards the end of this year). A few important focal points for this video are that it will show the pattern of increasing technical upgrades since the first character creator. This is also the first time the improved “big guy” model has been shown in the character creator. This is also the first time fans can see behind the mask of Ambassador.

This is the first time the devs at Ship of Heroes have revealed a structured path to their claim that there will be at least four primary and four secondary powersets for each archetype, each with ten or more powers.  In this video, the powersets, and many of the powers are displayed and described for the first time. With the launch of this video, the devs at Ship of Heroes continue to meet their ambitious milestone schedule for the development of their game, with no signs of slowing down.  Additional powerset demonstrations and a lore document on the third enemy group are in the works for the next few weeks.

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