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Secret World Legends’ Story Continues With a Free Expansion Out Now

Dawn of the Morninglight is a free story expansion for the shared-world RPG, Secret World Legends, available for free. This is the first expansion update for Secret World Legends, and it being free is another major draw. Dawn of the Morninglight adds another region to the real-world locales in Secret World LEgends. In addition to New England, Egypt, Transylvania, Tokyo, players can now jump on a plane and head to South Africa where the Morninglight cult awaits. They claim to be the “fastest growing spiritual movement in history”, and they’ve set up shop here. It’s time to infiltrate them, rise within their ranks, and uncover their secrets.

“We’ve been saying ‘to be continued’ for quite some time now,” says Producer Josh Mills. “Finally, here it is, this is where it continues. We have introduced hours of new and fully voice-acted missions, new characters, new cutscenes, new monsters, and of course tons of new loot to discover. Secret World Legends has always been about digging into local folklore and urban legends, from the vampires of Transylvania to the Lovecraftian horrors of New England, and this time we have had the opportunity to take inspiration from the rich folklore of South Africa. Players have a lot to look forward to!”

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