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ArcheAge: Legends Return Launches Tonight

Trion Worlds has announced that the anticipated 4.5 update for ArcheAge will be launching later this evening. This will bring two fresh-start progression servers, dragon mounts, Shadow Invasions, and much more. Nui and Ezi will be the new servers (North America and Europe respectively), and will offer time-locked content for the first time in ArcheAge, with low caps and systems from the games original launch, and developing the major systems over time. Marketplace restrictions will be in place to ensure that as the servers open, players will be placed on even footing through marketplace and gear progress restrictions that will be set over several months, allowing for all players to have the chance to reach the level cap prior to it increasing.

Dragon Mounts are another new, exciting feature, where players can undergo a major quest to raise three types of dragons, which are gigantic battle mounts. Work with the Daru trainers to gain the items necessary for the dragon raising mechanic, and players can ultimately summon a black, red, or green dragons, even outfitting them in armor to make them stronger. The final update is the Shadow Invasions, which are new rift events that occur after a World Boss has been slain. Players will have to work together to defeat this threat, earning rare materials and other rewards in the process.

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