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Ring of Elysium Teases Night Mode With a Second Trailer

Last week, Tencent Games teased the Night Mode for Ring of Elysium and released a new trailer to show it off today. In Night Mode, all players will be dropped into the same area, instead of all players picking a starting point. This map has been reduced to a quarter of its normal size, creating a more furious, intense match start. Night Mode will also cycle through several types of weather in every match, from light/heavy snow, and extreme cold. Hypothermia is guaranteed to be a factor during night mode. Escaping an area before hypothermia sets in isn’t uncommon in Ring of Elysium, but in Night Mode, bracing against the cold will be a constant factor for players. To avoid rapid blood loss players will need to keep up their body temperature by eating food throughout the match.

This “Sensible Body Temperature System” will require players to pick up snacks and eat them, but cooked food will provide the best results. This is measured separately from a player’s HP and will not affect bandages or medical cases. There are also bonefires to create, which can be used to cook foods and sustain a Sensible Body Temperature (as well as illuminate that player’s area). The bonfires can be made more intense with firewood, and will also help food cook faster. In order to come out victorious in Night Mode, players will need to survive the cold and enemy players until sunrise. Any players that make it through the set match time alive will be counted among the victors for the match and will be greeted with the triumphant rise of the sun. This mode is coming late rin December, and a final trailer will be making the rounds soon.

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