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Northern Janost Forest revealed for Runes of Magic

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Runes of Magic has revealed information about a new region as part of Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms, Northern Janost Forest.

Over the next few weeks, the Forest will become available, in addition to the raised level cap of 60. The area will reveal new dragon half-breeds, and a conflict between the Elves of Jyr’na and the Beastmen of Angren. Over 100 new quests will be revealed in the dark, troubled region.

Northern Janost Forest Screenshots & Artwork:

The Original Press Release:

Runes of Magic Goes into the Danger Zone

Upcoming content update opens up new region in epic Fantasy MMORPG

Berlin, 15th July 2010: Terrible danger lays hidden in the shadowy depths of the Northern Janost Forest. Terrifying half-breeds – half demon and half dragon – threaten the new region that awaits players in the next content update of Runes of Magic. After overcoming a range of new quests on the search for the root of all evil, adventurers can now reach level 60 – the new maximum level in ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’. The update is due to be available on all live servers in the next few weeks.

Adventurers must also help uncover the mystery of the dragon half-breeds in the ancient conflict between two sworn enemies – the Elves of Jyr’na and the Beastmen of Angren. On one side stand the Degenerated Elves, long since corrupted by a dark energy they had hoped to subdue. On the other side stand the Angren who are fighting for the survival of their people as the Elves are sucking the life power from their home land – the Northern Janost Forest.

Over 100 quests will lead players through the new region with the arrival of the upcoming content update. Above all, players themselves will continue the story of the third chapter. If the challenge is accepted, players will be able to collect the experience points gained to help them achieve their goal of reaching the new level cap of 60.

For more information on the new region “The Northern Janost Forest” see the official Runes of Magic website:

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