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Ring of Elysium Launches Season 5: Battlecar Rises

Ring of Elysium’s Season 5 begins today, and is called “Battlecar Rises”. New armored vehicles have hit the game, and each is equipped with its own unique devices. Players can transform standard vehicles into these armored Battlecars, equipped with strategic devices. The all-terrain vehicle will offer rocket boosters. For players who want a bit more bang can try out the armored truck, that has a machinegun turret, or the pick-up truck and its explosive barrels. Players that want stealth should try the mini-compact car, with its cloaking device, or the mini SUV, and its recon radar. There is also the SUV, that’s equipped with a scorpion pulverizer. If that weren’t enough violence, there’s a new explosive weapon, the RPG-7, which is able to counter these Battlecars.

There are new landmarks to find on Europa Island, such as the Hospital which will offer plenty of opportunities to regroup and eliminate other players. A trio of new characters that come with the Season 5 Adventurer Pass. Edmund, Friday and Alice are the new characters that players can unlock to represent them. Edmund, a legendary mountaineer has been lured to Europa Island with the challenge of climbing the Cliff of Despair. Originally an intelligence service robot created by Echelon, Friday came to Europa Island to search for his missing friend. As the owner of the newest bar on Europa, Alice arrived alongside Friday. Not all that she seems, Alice secretly an energy expert is investigating an ancient civilization on Europa with Friday. ‘Battlecar Rises’ also introduces new gameplay options with the addition of respawn points. Players will be able to revive their fallen teammates at single-use stations located throughout the island.

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