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Revelation Online ‘Imperial Wars’ Expansion Pits Server Against Server

NetEase and are expanding Revelation Online with “Imperial Wars”, which is focused on the end-game experience, in which entire servers do battle against one another for dominance of the “Imperial Frontier”. The Frontier map is the largest battleground in the game, hosting a multitude of castles, towns, and camps for servers to set up and do battle over. Each week, two of the game’s servers will be locked into a series of daily activities on the battleground map, alternating between attacking camps, gathering intel, or taking down the Crystal Chaos beast for its resources. Up to 300 players per side can join in at the same time on the Imperial Frontier in the final battle which is held each Sunday.

Further additions to “Imperial Wars”:

  • Class Focus: New class optimization options to improve healing or damaging effects, reducing damage taken, to get the most out of the characters.
  • Mercenary System: Hire fearless mercenaries to help in battle! But don’t expect loyalty – such warriors fight for whoever pays them.
  • Badges & Runes Update: New enhancement options for runes and badges in the new soul skill system!
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