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Revelation Online Adds ‘Mythical Conflict’ MOBA Mode

A free expansion comes to Revelation Online in the form of the ‘Mythical Conflict’ MOBA mode. This comes after the redesign of their capital city, “New Sulan” back in September. This new expansion focuses on a new standalone MOBA game mode, which is a 5v5 competitive mode. Players will not be using their character, but one of Revelation Online’s selectable iconic NPC heroes. In traditional MOBA fashion, minions will march down lanes, and players must ultimately destroy the enemy team’s crystal. Three lanes and a jungle await, and teamwork is going to be the secret to success. Each of these heroes is integral to the Revelation Online story, and the rewards will be glorious. But to obtain them, players must work together and come out on top in this team-based MOBA.

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