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RAM Pressure is a Tactical Multiplayer Title Coming in Q1 2019

RAM Pressure is a third-person tactical multiplayer shooter on the way from Russian teams QDT and QuadCom. It will arrive on Steam in Q1 2019 and seeks to take the turn-based strategy of X-Com with a more grounded sci-fi setting. RAM Pressure will feature a huge selection of classes, weapons, and skills for battles all over the globe.

In the near future, Earth is hit by an unusual meteorite swarm: the remains of alien fleets decimated by an ancient galactic war. To avoid widespread panic, world governments hide the truth from the population by sending elite mercenary squads to crash sites – gaining access to the alien technology before anyone else can do the same. Over time, as players uncover intel, data, and resources from these alien crash sites, they will uncover the veil of a government conspiracy of state-sponsored attempts at utilizing this alien technology.

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