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Project:SU Revealed by Epic Games and Loong Entertainment at GDC

Epic Games and Loong Entertainment announced a new mobile game while at GDC 2019: Project:SU. Co-developed by both companies using Unreal Engine 4, Project:SU is coming later this year. It will use advanced technology such as global illumination, dynamic lighting, bloom, GPU particle effects, and PBR rendering. Project:SU will also feature an open world and emphasize freedom of movement. The story of Project:SU is an endless war between humans, half-bloods, and Dragons. It blends Western, Chinese and Japanese cultures, and offers both magic and realism.

Whether indulging their passions and blowing off steam in this contemporary cosmopolitan setting at nightclubs and bars or building their own exclusive vehicles and joining in a pulse-pounding auto race, Project:SU offers something for everyone. The game creates a realistic social ecology in which each NPC has a different identity and is highly intelligent so they respond in a personalized way to each player. Players can provoke or build an emotional connection with NPCs through various behaviors, and NPCs also help players to create distinct strategies and game tactics when fighting, adventuring and exploring.

Project:SU will also feature a secondary profession system, where players not bound to a single professional identity. If you like cooking, for instance, you can begin as a kitchen waiter, progress to owning a private kitchen, and finally become a Michelin 3-star chef. Experience a variety of different sports or even become an international superstar.

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