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Project Genesis Reveals Development Journal #2

Project Genesis recently did a Netcode Strength test and released a video to show off exactly how it’s working. They wanted to tackle this important challenge first, and they have a history of putting these greater tasks first. January’s playtest was focused on 4v4 battles, and so for February, they moved forward to 8v8 and worked on the new “breach and board” mechanics. In the videos, viewers might notice that ships have to nudge up against each other.

This is necessary for the breach and board mechanic but plans on having assault pods that pierce the un-shielded hulls of capital ships instead. Instead of making two servers to do these tests, they rolled the dice, and put all of the battles on one server; thankfully, the netcode held up during the testing phases. This latest development journal also goes over the particulars of designing interiors and environments for Project Genesis. More info on this can be found in the link below.

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