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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with 2.0 Update

With over 30 million downloads to-date, Saban, and Lionsgate are celebrating the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars one-year anniversary.  A gigantic 2.0 update is here for the real-time fighting game, with new features and modes as Power Rangers: Legacy Wars continues to work towards being a competitive name in the gaming mainstream. Players will easily be able to host tournaments inspired by the official Mobile Master rules, complete with Pick and Ban options in the Draft Battles mode, as well as offering a Spectator View in Broadcast Mode, allowing a unique viewer experience. Score Attack tournaments are also in the game now, where players are scored based on wins, damage dealt, and damage taken. A new version of Tommy Oliver has also arrived, in the popular Dino Thunder Black Ranger, the first warrior with the ability to build a special meter and mid-battle morph into his Super Dino Mode.

“Our past year with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has been an explosive success with fans and players, as well as an eSports phenomenon, showing that synchronous multiplayer mobile games are a key part of the future for competitive gaming,” said Taehoon Kim, CEO at nWay “It’s also been incredible watching the global Power Rangers fan base and new players snowball into an extremely dedicated Legacy Wars community, making it even more rewarding to add highly requested features and incorporate even more iconic Power Rangers characters into the ever-growing roster of fighters.”

In addition to the new character and extensive list of new features, the Anniversary will also bring a series of celebratory live events, free rewards, tournaments and special deals to players across two weeks.

●     Dino Thunder Black Free Trial Tournament — Test run the newest warrior in a free tournament

●     New Daily Missions — unlock great prizes by completing unique goals

●     History of Power Rangers Daily Tournament — Each day, play as characters from a different era of Power Rangers

●     Double Rewards Megazord Event — Earn twice the rewards in this special Megazord Mode

●     Anniversary Special Offers — Each day the game will have a suite of special offers

●     Daily Login Bonus – Special offers on the login calendar during the Anniversary celebration

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