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Population Zero Building Mechanics Showcased

Population Zero offers a gameplay video showcasing pre-alpha footage of the game’s building system. A blog post details further:

This trailer is all about what you can achieve if you are creative and patient. Building in Population Zero will be more than just making square textured boxes to store your resources and wait out the night. You will have many different shapes and forms, decorations and defence mechanisms to play with while building, along with different tiers as well as fences and gates to make sure your fortress is unassailable.

During the pre-alpha we adjusted the building balance so that resource gathering does not feel tedious. To get the most out of gathering, you use specific tools. Each resource on the map can give you different materials depending on what tool you use. Some resources are only obtainable at night, but be wary! Many creatures are much harder to spot when it’s dark, making the process dangerous as well as rewarding.

We have a durability and weight system in place to ensure that no structure looks unnatural, to make it impossible to build skyscrapers out of sticks and stones. This mechanic makes raiding other players a big part of the experience for you have to discover weaknesses in structural integrity of their buildings in order to bring them down.

Depending on your character’s progression, the space in which you can build becomes larger. By joining others via our guild system you can make settlements and claim resource points and dominate entire regions of the planet.

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