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PAX Prime 2012 MMOHuts/OnRPG – League of legends interview w/ Riot Pabro

PAX Prime 2012 MMOHuts/OnRPG – League of legends interview w/ Riot Pabro

During the League of Legends North American Regionals @ PAX Prime OnRPG’s DizzyPW interviews Riot Pabro, Associate Producer and overseer of champion development at Riot Games.

OnRPG – Darren Henderson: Ready to win some Arcade Sona skins? First we have to put up a disclaimer: we tested out our Riot skins and found out they only work in the North American version so be warned before you enter.

To win you must answer the following tough trivia questions and PM the answers to ArcadeSona ( All answers must be correct to qualify for a skin. Only the first 200 entries will be considered. Deadline is Sept. 4th at 3pm PST. 7 randomly selected entries with the correct answers will recieve Arcade Sona skins.

1. MMOHut’s Omer is known as one of the top North American LoL players for which champion?

2. DizzyPW has commissioned Alicja Chrena ( to produce two League related art pieces that were featured in articles and as his signature in our combined forum. Which 2 female champions were featured in these paintings?

3. In JamesBl0nde’s first MMOHuts video he played League of Legends. Which champ was he and which champion scored a pentakill?

4. What is the name of Sona’s instrument?

OnRPG – Darren

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