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Panzar – First Look

Panzar – First Look

Panzar is a unique hybrid action game with role-playing elements. The crux of the gameplay is team battles in various arenas, for which players are awarded experience and money. During the breaks between battles, players can improve their characters by learning new skills or buying and upgrading their gear.

There are four races in the game: orcs, dwarves, elves, and humans. Each race has two classes; in other words, there are eight classes in the game. The humans have the Paladin and the Inquisitor, the elves have the Sorceress and the Witch, the orcs have the Berserker and the Tank, and the dwarves have the Sapper and the Gunner.

The game is currently released free to play in Europe and does have an English client to download along with a North American Server.

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