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Online Beat ’em Up Closers Announces Launch Date

En Masse announced today that Closers, their fast-paced online RPG with a beat ’em up side scroller style launches soon. February 6th, it will arrive on Steam and the En Masse digital store.  Focusing on a group of psychic high school students in Neo-Seoul, Closers combines the frenetic action of old-school 2D beat ‘em ups with the engaging combo mechanics of fighting games, and the vivid art style and drama of a modern-day episodic anime. The first in-game raid will also launch then, open to all players, and feature challenging scenarios with unique encounters and worthwhile loot, only to be earned by the most dedicated. The Dimensional Ops Center is an area where players can earn this powerful gear in the the first raid, “Tiamat”.  It’s almost time to battle the Queen of Nightmares.

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