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MU Origin’s 9.0 Update, ‘Devilish Treasure’ Is Live

MU Origin‘s latest update, 9.0 “Devilish Treasure” is now live, and it adds a ton of new content and features to the game. In particular, Clan Battle Royal is a new PVP event that covers the entire server. Clans fight one another to be the last Clan standing and runs Monday and Thursdays. These follow CLan Battle Royal Rules, and up to three Clans can be matched in the Clan Battle Royal with four phases – Entry, Peace, Battle, Demonic.

During the Battle phase, players will be switched to PvP mode and can attack the opposing Clan. The Battle Royal ends when only 1 Clan remains, earning the victor both Season rewards and daily rewards such as Individual first victory, Victory rewards, Participation rewards, and the Exclusive Warrior Emblem accessory. More Clan-based content arrived, including Clan Chase, Clan Pet, Hall of Clan and Clan Activity Points. The full patch notes, linked below have further details.

In addition, Demonic Hallow will let players strengthen their Reverse options, once they complete the main quest “Ancient Legend” at Rebirth 10.┬áDemonic Hallow lets users upgrade Demonic Horn, Demonic Feather, and Demonic Eye, by 20 tiers and 200 Star Grades in order to overpower their enemies. This 9.0 update also includes a level-cap increase, several tweaks, optimizations, and fixes in MU Origin.

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