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Monster Madness Online (Pre-Alpha) – First Look

Monster Madness Online (Pre-Alpha) – First Look

Monster Madness Online is a new free to play MMO shooter from the creators of Dungeon Defenders!

Monster Madness Online is an MMORPG Action shooter with Skill-based combat, dodge, shoot and use tactical consumables and abilities to fight your way through over 70+ types of enemies, bosses, and minibosses. The game is currently in a Pre-Alpha state at this point but everyone is allowed in to help the developers actually develop the game!

By the time of launch the game is set to be on nearly every platform available including Steam, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and just plain web browser. Not to mention its cross-platform compatible so there’s seamless connectivity between multiple platforms in multiplayer!

Monster Madness Online is billed as the first 3D action game to use Mozilla’s asm.js technology, which enables Nom Nom Games to take advantage of a higher level of JavaScript development. This offers developers the ability to insert physics, 3D graphics, multiplayer networking, advanced animation and other beefier game elements into their browser-based projects without the use of a proprietary plugin.

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