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Marvel Heroes Omega: Age of Apocalypse Event Trailer

The Age of Apocalypse comes to console on Marvel Heroes Omega! A fan-favorite event is back and features one of the Marvel Universes’ most powerful foes (and one of my personal favorites): Apocalypse! Everyone in the Marvel Universe must team up to stop him, else a new Age of Apocalypse falls upon the planet. Enlisted by Clan Akkaba to resurrect Apocalypse, Mister Sinister has cloned four powerful X-Men to serve as the deadliest Four Horsemen the world has ever faced: Jean Grey (Death), Storm (Pestilence), Psylocke (War) and Magik (Famine). This “Apocalypse Awakens” content will challenge even the most seasoned Marvel Heroes Omega players with heroes at level 11 or higher. Alone or in teams of as many as five heroes, players will confront En Sabah Nur’s forces in his Egyptian resurrection chamber. The new content will also feature all-new original Horsemen designs that unlock for Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke and Magik. These costumes unlock from the new Apocalypse Loot Box, or as part of the Age of Apocalypse Omega Pack, both only available for a limited time. These four will join Spider-Man as Omega Prestige characters, increasing their overall combat potential. Apocalypse Awakens” introduces Omega items that can be earned through the new Omega difficulty setting, which can be achieved by passing the Omega Trial.

Bartlett also appreciates that Marvel Heroes Omega is the first console game to feature the entire Marvel Universe attempting to defeat Apocalypse. “It’s always great to pit someone like Cyclops or Wolverine against Apocalypse,” he says. “But at the same time, we really love that anyone from Captain America to Rocket Raccoon can challenge him.”

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