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MapleStory M Celebrates One Year with Debut of Phantom Class

MapleStory M is ringing in their first year anniversary right, with the debut of a new class, the Phantom Hero. With the Phantom comes a host of events and systems to go with them. Starting today until July 17th, the Phantom’s Proposal Pre-Registration Event also is available, where players can pre-register to receive an important gift box. It comes with a Unique Weapon Whetstone, Unique Armor Whetstone, Auto-Battle Charge Ticket and more.

Featuring a cane as his main weapon, the Phantom is a master thief who steals the abilities of characters in the Explorer class. Skills including Phantom Shroud, Return of Phantom and Steal help players plan more strategic strikes, while the Phantom’s most special skill – Judgment – comes into play when delivering critical damage to mobs, triggering randomly stacked cards that give players additional attack. Phantom characters between levels 3 to 100 will also be able to level up a total of 3 levels per each level up through the Mega Burning event.

This first-year update also adds a mobile-friendly Wedding System. Wedded in-game couples will receive a ton of rewards, from the Eternal Wedding Ring, and a party buff when they’re together, as well as special gifts during anniversary milestones. Wedding guests can also join an after-party event to obtain rewards. Additionally, players can now express themselves via the newly added Emote Wheel and experience a higher Expedition Mode battling Chaos Horntail. Other features include the Rebirth Flame and Soul Weapon system, majorly upping the ante on gameplay and giving players more ways to deal damage and level up. So if you wanted to get married in game, this is the time to do so!

To celebrate, players can participate in exciting in-game events, including Maple Memory Leaf Gathering events, a special Achievement event to support Lucia for great rewards, a One Year Anniversary Special Attendance Event to obtain rewards such as a special Damage Skin and Boss Accessory Choice Boxes. Monster Park, an amusement park themed event, will also open on July 25th where players can visit Safari Express, a high EXP hunting zone and rest in Sauna to build high EXP. There are so many rewards in the game thanks to this event, so major fans won’t want to miss out on any of the celebration!

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