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Magic: the Gathering Returns to Ravnica with Three New Products

The plans of Nicol Bolas are taking shape, and it seems like they’re going to involve the Guilds of Ravnica. Today we learned about the various announcements from Magic: the Gathering for Spring 2018, which will give us some new Ravnica sets later in the year. Guilds of Ravnica will drop on October 5th, 2018 and features primarily Selesnya (G/W), Boros (R/W), Golgari (B/G), Izzet (U/R) and Dimir (U/B). In January 2019, we’ll see Ravnica Alliance, which will focus on Azorius (W/U), Rakdos (B/R), Gruul (R/G), Simic (G/U) and Orzhov (W/B) as we come to the end of the Gatewatch Story. The physical game will also see Guild Kits which will feature 60-card guild-flavored decks, plus all the usual swag (pins, stickers, spindown life counter), and we’re hoping that we will see these in Magic: the Gathering Arena around the same time.

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