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Lords Mobile Holds Tournament in Asia and Continues Mobile Esports Investment

IGG’s Lords Mobile successfully launched a tournament in Asia called ‘Final Clash’ on April 22nd across six regions: Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Six teams were divided into two groups and the winner of each competed for the grand prize, totaling $30,000 as well as a Lords Mobile gold medal. South Korea wound up winning and were crowned the “Asian Champions” of the tournament. Google Play, Huawei Honor, Logitech and some other famous social media apps participated as sponsors. Google play feature live-streamed event, also this event was live-streamed on YouTube and Twitch with about 8 different language versions which attracted a large global audience for the showdown C-pop star Jolin Tsai was also present as the brand ambassador, and the new Lord’s Mobile theme, Champion’s Overture was debuted. This theme was written by Klaus Badelt and performed live by the London Symphony Orchestra.  This new soundtrack is available in all major music outlets.

“Strategy game eSports presents unique challenges when it comes to presentation, In addition, the high requirement of visual animation attractiveness makes some MMO Strategy game even harder to present as a watchable battle event,” said IGG.

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