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The Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server receives ‘Mines of Moria’ in March

Daybreak Games and Standing Stone Games announced today that the Mines of Moria are on the way to The Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server. Arriving in March, it is the first major expansion for the Legendary Server, where players can rediscover the dark secrets of Khazad-dûm and reclaim its depths from Mazog, Son of Bolg and his hordes. This will increase the level cap to 60, and add 12 expansive areas, as well as 450 new quests. New Fellowship Instances and 500 Lord of the Rings Landmarks also arrive. Players will be able to design and create Legendary items that evolve as the player grows stronger, and two new classes will also show up – The Warden, who excels at powerful combos and the Rune Keeper, which wields mighty elemental power.

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