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KurtzPel Sacred Guardian Announce Trailer

KOG Games, developers of Grand Chase, Elsword, and KurtzPel, have announced an update to the latter game arriving on Thursday, October 10th, 2019.

This update will bring with it the arrival of the first “Support” type Karma (weapon) in KurtzPel, the Sacred Guardian. In order to unlock the weapon players must interact with the NPC Lime, whom they might recognize from the Grand Chase franchise.

The Sacred Guardian karma delivers devastating blows, as well as granting players healing and resurrection powers, plus the ability to deflect projectiles. After completing Lime’s missions, players may purchase the Karma through the Steam shop, or by earning Chase Points and Ability Points in-game.

The update will also include a massive balance adjustment based on feedback from KurtzPel’s player base. On October 5th players may enter the Eltheca Proving Ground; a space designated for players and the dev team to test systems, interface layouts and etc, and for the developers to receive feedback directly from the players.

Finally, the update will also include a new FOV slider, three new missions centered around the Lime NPC, and new accessory drops from all existing PvE bosses.

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