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Intense Arena Fighter ‘Mayhem Combat’ Debuts on iOS Devices

Polish developer Vivid Games have brought their intense arena fighter to life on iOS, entitled Mayhem Combat. It has released from soft launch and is available worldwide. It’s on the way in a few weeks for Android users, and then no matter what you play on, players can fight for urban domination in a real-time multiplayer PVP title. To celebrate the iOS launch, whoever stays at the top of the ranking by July 5th will receive a 1,000 dollar prize. All of the best will be rewarded as well; the top 100 will receive boxes with gold and cards in them, and more information can be found on their Discord below. In Mayhem Combat, players will be in 1v1, free-for-all, three character tag battle scenarios, or in Battle Royale modes with ten players. The ultimate goal is to smash your opponents while wielding powerful weapons and utilizing platforming skills to navigate the interactive stages.

Mayhem Combat game features:

  • A raucous single-player experience, full of battles to complete and tough bosses to defeat.
  • An outstanding online experience: real-time multiplayer modes, weekly tournaments, prizes and leaderboards
  • diverse cast of 12 characters, each with their unique fighting style
  • 12 interactive stages, full of deadly hazards, surprises, and items to pick up
  • Levelling system for characters and weapons – over 150 skills, abilities, and weapons to collect and craft
  • Unique, wacky and cartoony art direction, powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology
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