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Heroes of the Storm: Dark Nexus II

It began with a crack. A seeping wound through which the Raven Lord drew beings of the Dark Nexus to serve his nefarious will. Though the Raven Lord was defeated, the crack remained. It widened. Spiderwebbed. A drip became a flow, and the flow became a flood, chaos and hatred spilling across the Nexus, threatening to defile it forever.

Some, like the noble Protoss heroes Tassadar and Fenix, journeyed into the rift, risking their sanity to slow the corruption. Others, drawn by the outpouring of power, sought to harness it. Deathwing soared into the violent heart of the Dark Nexus intent on gorging himself and waging a war of conquest. As with Tassadar and Fenix, contact with the turbulent forces found within transformed the fearsome black dragon forever.

Will the snarling overflow of Dark Nexus energies be stopped, reversed, or turned to Deathwing’s maleficent will? Find out during the Fragments of the Dark Nexus event, starting April 14, 2020.

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