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Hegemony Is an In-Development Immersive MMORPG

Starting as a building project in Minecraft, Hegemony is an upcoming MMORPG, using Minecraft as its game engine. Hegemony is an MMORPG in development now and is set in a parallel of 14th-17th century Europe. Focused on shifting from current/popular MMO trends, it is planning to return to the game design principles of more classic MMORPGs. Instead of focusing on equipment/enchantment/set bonus systems, Hegemony is working on an item system with more depth, making items feeling meaningful, instead of “variety for the sake of variety”.

The story in Hegemony will not have the player controlling a legendary, one-of-a-kind hero, but an opportunistic nobody, trying to make it in a harsh world. Players will take advantage of situations given to them, solving puzzles and riddles, as well as reading between the lines, and manipulating systems to benefit them. Hegemony will be updated frequently, featuring historical incidents, to add temporary quests, NPCs, and gameplay mechanics to the game. Depending on how players dealt with these incidents, it will ultimately change the lore and mechanics of the world at its conclusion. There is also the “Dawn of a New Age” expansion, that will add entire nations or perhaps continents worth of content to the game, to progress the entire timeline/lore. Most importantly, Hegemony pledges to not be pay-to-win, with quality-of-life features that will not be monetized, and base bank vault capacity will increase as the world progresses, and more items are added to the game.

Hegemony Core Features:

– 4 years of development
– Constantly Updated with Historical Incidents and Dawn of a New Age Mega-expansions
– 3,000+ Custom Items
– 600+ Recipes
– 30+ Skills
– 18 Weapon Types
– Immersive Hand-built World (2500 x 2500)
– 50,000 x 50,000 hand painted Wilderness World for Free-build
– 6 Hamlets, 2 Burgs, 5 Villages, 1 Town
– Living-breathing economy with many points of consumption
– Sandbox Land-claiming and building in Wilderness World
– Subdivide land to create rents and towns
– Engaging bosses with custom skills
– 3 Social Rank Quests
– Mini-activities such as Treasure Clues
– Jobs you can progress in (Such as joining the Village Militia)

On Release:

– At least 1500 hours of content
– 50+ Quests
– 10 Social Rank Quests (Culminating at Lord)
– 4 Jobs (Including Thieving Guild and Assassination)
– Many more game mechanics and systems such as Mounts, Husbandry and Retainers
– More Items, Recipes, Weapons and Locations

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