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Hawken E3 Gameplay Commentary

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being in control of a multi-ton rampaging robot. Hawken, a new Mech FPS published by Adhesive Games does a good job of doing just that. You don’t use vehicles and other small objects as cover in Hawken. Those things only get in your way and are quickly crushed beneath your steel walker legs. Instead you use large buildings and rooftops to gain the tactical advantage.

While still in early alpha, the game still feels remarkably polished. Adhesive Games is a new and very small team of dedicated gamers who have put together something that can not only go toe to toe with other Mech style games (I’m looking at you MechWarrior Online) but also big budget F2P titles like Planetside 2 and Warface. Check out our video coverage below to find out more!

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