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Pockie Pirates Introduces Doflamingo

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Every pirate crew needs some aggression if they want to raise to the top in Pockie Pirates, and none are considered more cruel in the One Piece-inspired world than brand new ALL BLUE crew member, Doflamingo!

Available for recruitment when captains reach level 87, Doflamingo is notable for his outlandish appearance, draping himself in a huge pink feather shawl, skinny orange pants and pointed shoes – completing the look with flash blue sunglasses.

A powerful, arrogant pirate, Doflamingo is one of the highest ranking Shichibukai sailing the oceans, pulling the strings across many of the world’s industries. His boundless cruelty means his world view is not restrained by petty annoyances like humanity or moral values. To Doflamingo, the globe is just a big primitive fighting arena; one where “the winner decides the justice”. As a trained sniper, Doflamingo’s main skill, “Thread Puppet”, inflicts a ridiculously powerful single-target blow. It hurts a lot, dealing as much as 500% damage, or at least 10000 HP, to any opponent unfortunate enough to get in the way.

Doflamingo is also the fastest of the All Blue crew members, giving him huge potential for agility growth. Pockie Pirates players combining his powerful support skills, such as the Moonwalk and Burst Assault, can create attacks with incredibly devastating effects. His speed is such an advantage that he can inflict masses amounts of damage before opponents even know he’s coming, killing them in seconds.

There isn’t a crew on the ocean that wouldn’t benefit from having Doflamingo on board. Pockie Pirates players just need to ensure they’re at a high enough level to control his aggressive nature first.

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