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GAMEVIL Launches Global CBT of Gothic MMORPG ‘Royal Blood’

GAMEVIL announced today that the Closed Beta of their gothic action MMORPG, Royal Blood has begun. From today until May 2nd, players worldwide can experience the 70 vs. 70  Realm vs. Realm battles and become immersed in a vast gothic-fantasy world. It’s presently available on Google Play, where players can take on a variety of events during the CBT period. Players that take part in surveys will be given ‘Diamond Coupons’.  These people will be in the running to win Google Play Store gift cards. In addition, leveling up and item trading events will also occur during the CBT period.

Royal Blood is an ambitious undertaking for GAMEVIL that has been in development for over two years with over one hundred developers and designers dedicated to delivering a game with epic scope rarely experienced on mobile. The game will feature a living open world that intelligently integrates live events and quests to provide seamless cooperative gameplay. It will also give players a chance to participate in massive 70 vs. 70 Realm vs. Realm battles. Players also can shift their characters’ play styles mid-battle using the combat-stance system, opening up combat possibilities.

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